Data Engineer

Work From Home


Retrieve data for apps and websites

  • Background: preferably fields of study is computer science related

  • Familiar and able to harness data with analytics tool such as firebase analytics, google analytics (firebase for app, netlify for website)

  • Can gather analysis from those analytics tools

  • (optional) able to use social media analytics

  • E-Certificate

  • Network Expansion

  • Valuable experience

  • Chance to lead a variety of projects

  • Chance to be hired as permanent staff

  • Love working from home? Worry no more! Cus we’ll be doing remote internships.

Diceritain bukan layanan cepat tanggap percobaan bunuh diri dan bersifat preventif. Jika membutuhkan layanan cepat tanggap percobaan bunuh diri, harap hubungi layanan profesional yang bisa dijangkau segera.

Kontak layanan percobaan bunuh diri: Layanan Sejiwa (hotline) Hubungi 119 tekan 8.